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Olympiad Medal Results

1996: Swimming - 4x100m medley relay Men

1996: Swimming - 4x100m medley relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DAVIS, Josh United States Gold
GROTE, Kurt United States Gold
HARGIS, John United States Gold
SCHWENK, Tripp United States Gold
ROUSE, Jeff Norman United States Gold
LINN, Jeremy United States Gold
HENDERSON, Mark United States Gold
HALL, Gary Jr. United States Gold
SELKOV, Vladimir Russian Federation Silver
LOPUKHOV, Stanislav Russian Federation Silver
PANKRATOV, Denis Russian Federation Silver
POPOV, Alexander Russian Federation Silver
IVANOVSKIY, Roman Russian Federation Silver
KULIKOV, Vladislav Russian Federation Silver
YEGOROV, Roman Russian Federation Silver
HAENEN, Toby Christian Australia Bronze
DEWICK, Steven Australia Bronze
ROGERS, Philip John Australia Bronze
MILLER, Scott Australia Bronze
KLIM, Michael Australia Bronze