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Olympiad Medal Results

1988: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1988: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FETISOV, Viacheslav Soviet Union Gold
KASATONOV, Aleksei Soviet Union Gold
STARIKOV, Sergei Soviet Union Gold
KRUTOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Gold
MAKAROV, Sergei Soviet Union Gold
KOMUTOV, Andrei Soviet Union Gold
KOZHERNIKOV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
LARIONOV, Igor Soviet Union Gold
STELNOV, Igor Soviet Union Gold
BIAKIN, Ilja Soviet Union Gold
BYKOV, Viacheslav Soviet Union Gold
KAMENSKY, Valeri Soviet Union Gold
KRAVCHUK, Igor Soviet Union Gold
JASJIN, Sergei Soviet Union Gold
LOMAKIN, Andrei Soviet Union Gold
MOGILNY, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
MYLNIKOV, Sergei Soviet Union Gold
SVETLOV, Sergei Soviet Union Gold
TCHERNICH, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
GOUSSAROV, Aleksei Soviet Union Gold
SEMJONOV, Anatoli Soviet Union Gold
SAMOYLOV, Vitali Soviet Union Gold
HELMINEN, Raimo Finland Silver
LAINE, Erkki Finland Silver
LEHTONEN, Erkki Finland Silver
RUOTANEN, Arto Finland Silver
SAARINEN, Timo Finland Silver
TAMMI, Jukka Finland Silver
ELORANTA, Kari Finland Silver
BLOMQVIST, Timo Finland Silver
TUOMISTO, Pekka Finland Silver
SUSI, Timo Finland Silver
JÄRVI, Jiro Finland Silver
KESKINEN, Esa Finland Silver
LAITINEN, Kari Finland Silver
LUMME, Jyrki Finland Silver
MIKKOLAINEN, Reijo Finland Silver
MYLLYS, Jarmo Finland Silver
NUMMINEN, Teppo Finland Silver
OJANEN, Janne Finland Silver
RUOTSALAINEN, Reijo Finland Silver
SMIKKANEN, Kari Finland Silver
TORKKI, Jari Finland Silver
VIRTANEN, Jukka Finland Silver
EKLUND, Thomas Sweden Bronze
HJÄLM, Peter Michael Sweden Bronze
ÖHLING, Jens Sweden Bronze
RUNDQVIST, Thomas Sweden Bronze
SÖDERGREN, Karl Haakan Sweden Bronze
SAMUELSSON, Tommy Sweden Bronze
BERGLUND, Bo Sweden Bronze
MOLIN, Lars Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Peter I Sweden Bronze
JOHANSSON, Mikael Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Mikael Sweden Bronze
BERGKVIST, Jonas Sweden Bronze
ELDEBRINK, Anders Sweden Bronze
ERIKSSON, Peter Sweden Bronze
ERIKSSON, Thomas Sweden Bronze
IVARSSON, Lars Sweden Bronze
KARLSSON, Lars Sweden Bronze
KIHLSTRÖM, Mats Sweden Bronze
LINDMARK, Peter Sweden Bronze
SANDSTRÖM, Ulf Sweden Bronze
AASLIN, Peter Sweden Bronze
PETTERSSON, Lars-Gunnar Sweden Bronze