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Olympiad Medal Results

1988: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

1988: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
BEERBAUM, Ludger West Germany Gold
THE FREAK, West Germany Gold
BRINKMANN, Wolfgang West Germany Gold
PEDRO, West Germany Gold
HAFEMEISTER, Dirk West Germany Gold
ORCHIDEE 76, West Germany Gold
SLOOTHAAK, Franke West Germany Gold
WALZERKONIG 19, West Germany Gold
BEST, Gregory Alan United States Silver
GEM TWIST, United States Silver
JACQUIN, Lisa Ann United States Silver
FOR THE MOMENT, United States Silver
KURSINSKI, Anne Kindig United States Silver
STARMAN, United States Silver
FARGIS, Joseph Halpin, Iv United States Silver
MILL PEARL, United States Silver
BOURDY, Hubert France Bronze
MORGAT, France Bronze
COTTIER, Frederic France Bronze
FLAMBEAUC, France Bronze
ROBERT, Michel France Bronze
LA FAYETTE, France Bronze
DURAND JR., Pierre France Bronze
JAPPELOUP, France Bronze