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Olympiad Medal Results

1996: Swimming - 4x200m freestyle relay Women

1996: Swimming - 4x200m freestyle relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
JACOB, Lisa United States Gold
SALMEEN, Annette United States Gold
WHITNEY, Ashley United States Gold
JACKSON, Trina United States Gold
TEUSCHER, Cristina United States Gold
TAORMINA, Sheila United States Gold
THOMPSON, Jenny United States Gold
VAN ALMSICK, Franziska Germany Silver
KIELGASS, Kerstin Germany Silver
SCHOLZ, Anke Germany Silver
HASE, Dagmar Germany Silver
FREITAG, Meike Germany Silver
OSYGUS, Simone Germany Silver
MACKIE, Lise Maree Australia Bronze
GREVILLE, Julia Australia Bronze
STEVENSON, Nicole Dawn Australia Bronze
JOHNSON, Emma Australia Bronze
O'NEILL, Susan Australia Bronze