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Olympiad Medal Results

1920: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

1920: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
JACOMINI, Virgil Victor United States Gold
GRAVES, Edwin Darius United States Gold
JORDAN, William Conrad United States Gold
MOORE, Edward Peerman United States Gold
SANDBORN, Allen Ream United States Gold
JOHNSTON, Donald Hendric United States Gold
GALLAGHER, Vincent Joseph United States Gold
KING, Clyde Whitlock United States Gold
CLARK, Sherman Rockwell United States Gold
HORSFALL, Ewart Douglas United Kingdom Silver
NICKALLS, Guy Oliver Jr. United Kingdom Silver
LUCAS, Richard Saville United Kingdom Silver
JAMES, Walter United Kingdom Silver
CAMPBELL, John Alan United Kingdom Silver
EARL, Sebastian United Kingdom Silver
SHOVE, Ralph Samuel United Kingdom Silver
SWANN, Sidney Ernest United Kingdom Silver
JOHNSTONE, Robin Talbot United Kingdom Silver
TOLLEFSEN, Tollef Norway Bronze
HAGEN, Thoralf Norway Bronze
NAG, Theodor Norway Bronze
OLSEN, Conrad Norway Bronze
NILSEN, Adolf Norway Bronze
ELLINGSEN, Haakon Norway Bronze
MICHELSEN, Thore Norway Bronze
MORTENSEN, Arne Norway Bronze
NAG, Karl Norway Bronze