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The Results for JONATH, Arthur

Olympiad Medal Results

1932: Athletics - 100m Men 1932: Athletics - 4x100m relay Men

1932: Athletics - 100m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
TOLAN, Eddie United States Gold
METCALFE, Ralph United States Silver
JONATH, Arthur Germany Bronze

1932: Athletics - 4x100m relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KIESEL, Robert Allan United States Gold
TOPPINO, Martin Emmett United States Gold
DYER, Hector Monroe United States Gold
WYKOFF, Frank Clifford United States Gold
KÖRNIG, Helmuth Germany Silver
HENDRIX, Fritz Germany Silver
BORCHMEYER, Erich Germany Silver
JONATH, Arthur Germany Silver
CASTELLI, Giuseppe Italy Bronze
FACELLI, Luigi Italy Bronze
MAREGATTI, Ruggero Italy Bronze
TOETTI, Edgardo Italy Bronze