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Olympiad Medal Results

1936: Fencing - sabre team Men

1936: Fencing - sabre team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KOVACS, Pal Adam Hungary Gold
BERCZELLY, Tibor Hungary Gold
RAJCZY, Imre Hungary Gold
GEREVICH, Aladar Hungary Gold
KABOS, Endre Hungary Gold
RAJCSANYI, Laszlo Hungary Gold
PINTON, Vincenzo Italy Silver
MASCIOTTA, Aldo Italy Silver
TANZINI, Athos Italy Silver
MONTANO, Aldo Italy Silver
MARZI, Gustavo Italy Silver
GAUDINI, Giulio Italy Silver
JÍRGER, Hans Germany Bronze
EISENECKER, Julius Germany Bronze
HEIM, August Germany Bronze
CASMIR, Erwin Germany Bronze
WAHL, Richard Germany Bronze
ESSER, Hans Germany Bronze