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Olympiad Medal Results

1936: Football - football Men

1936: Football - football Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VENTURINI, Bruno Italy Gold
FONI, Alfredo Italy Gold
RAVA, Pietro Italy Gold
BALDO, Giuseppe Italy Gold
PICCINI, Achille Italy Gold
LOCATELLI, Ugo Italy Gold
FROSSI, Annibale Italy Gold
MARCHINI, Libero Italy Gold
SCARABELLO, Luigi Italy Gold
BIAGI, Carlo Italy Gold
CAPPELLI, Giulio Italy Gold
BERTONI, Sergio Italy Gold
NEGRO, Alfonso Italy Gold
GABRIOTTI, Francesco Italy Gold
KAINBERGER, Eduard Austria Silver
KÜNZ, Ernst Austria Silver
KARGL, Martin Austria Silver
KRENN, Anton Austria Silver
WALLMÜLLER, Karl Austria Silver
HOFMEISTER, Max Austria Silver
WERGINZ, Walter Austria Silver
LAUDON, Adolf Austria Silver
STEINMETZ, Klement Austria Silver
KITZMÜLLER, Josef Austria Silver
FUCHSBERGER, Franz Austria Silver
MANDL, Franz Austria Silver
KAINBERGER, Karl Austria Silver
JOHANSEN, Henry Norway Bronze
HORN, Fredrik Norway Bronze
ERIKSEN, Nils Norway Bronze
ULLEBERG, Frithjof Norway Bronze
JUVE, Jorgen Norway Bronze
HOLMBERG, Rolf Norway Bronze
HANSEN, Sverre Norway Bronze
ISAKSEN, Magnar Norway Bronze
MARTINSEN, Alf Norway Bronze
KVAMMEN, Reidar Osvald Norway Bronze
BRUSTAD, Arne Norway Bronze
HOLMSEN, Oivind Norway Bronze
FRANTZEN, Odd Norway Bronze
MONSEN, Magdalon Johannes Norway Bronze