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The Results for KARRES, Sylvia

Olympiad Medal Results

2004: Hockey - hockey Women

2004: Hockey - hockey Women

Athlete Nation Medal
ERNSTING KRIENKE, Nadine Germany Gold
GUDE, Franziska Germany Gold
HAASE, Mandy Germany Gold
KELLER, Natascha Germany Gold
KLECKER, Denise Germany Gold
LATIF, Badri Germany Gold
LAETZSCH, Heike Germany Gold
MUELLER, Silke Germany Gold
RINNE, Fanny Germany Gold
RODEWALD, Marion Germany Gold
WALTER, Louisa Germany Gold
ZWEHL, Julia Germany Gold
LEHMANN, Sonja Germany Gold
BACHMANN, Tina Germany Gold
CASARETTO, Caroline Germany Gold
KUEHN, Anke Germany Gold
MOREIRA DE MELO, Fatima Netherlands Silver
KARRES, Sylvia Netherlands Silver
DE BRUIJN, Chantal Netherlands Silver
VAN KESSEL, Lieve Netherlands Silver
SNOEKS, Jiske Netherlands Silver
DONNERS, Mijntje Netherlands Silver
DE ROEVER, Lisanne Netherlands Silver
SCHEEPSTRA, Maartje Netherlands Silver
MULDER, Eefke Netherlands Silver
VAN GEENHUIZEN, Miek Netherlands Silver
SCHOPMAN, Janneke Netherlands Silver
BOOIJ, Minke Netherlands Silver
SMABERS, Minke Netherlands Silver
SINNIGE, Clarinda Netherlands Silver
VAN DER VAART, Macha Netherlands Silver
AICEGA, Magdalena Argentina Bronze
ANTONISKA, Mariela Argentina Bronze
ARRONDO, Ines Argentina Bronze
AYMAR, Luciana Argentina Bronze
GONZALEZ OLIVA, Mariana Argentina Bronze
GULLA, Alejandra Argentina Bronze
GARCIA, Agustina Argentina Bronze
HERNANDEZ, Maria de la Paz Argentina Bronze
MARGALOT, Maria Mercedes Argentina Bronze
STEPNIK, Ayelen Iara Argentina Bronze
VUKOJICIC, Paola Argentina Bronze
RUSSO, Marine Argentina Bronze
BURKART, Claudia Argentina Bronze
ROGNONI, Maria Cecilia Argentina Bronze
DI GIACOMO, Marina Emilce Argentina Bronze
ONETO, Vanina Paula Argentina Bronze