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The Results for KHURCILAVA, Murtaz

Olympiad Medal Results

1972: Football - football Men

1972: Football - football Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KOSTKA, Hubert Poland Gold
GUT, Zbigniew Poland Gold
GORGON, Jerzy Poland Gold
ANCZOK, Zygmunt Poland Gold
CMIKIEWICZ, Leslaw Poland Gold
MASZCZYK, Zygmunt Poland Gold
KRASKA, Jerzy Poland Gold
DEYNA, Kazimierz Poland Gold
SZOLTYSIK, Zygfryd Poland Gold
LUBANSKI, Wlodzimierz Poland Gold
GADOCHA, Robert Poland Gold
SZYMCZAK, Ryszard Poland Gold
SZYMANOWSKI, Antoni Poland Gold
MARX, Joachim Poland Gold
LATO, Grzegorz Poland Gold
OSTAFINSKI, Marjan Poland Gold
KMIECIK, Kazimierz Poland Gold
GECZI, Istvan Hungary Silver
VEPI, Peter Hungary Silver
PANCSICS, Miklos Hungary Silver
JUHASZ, Peter Hungary Silver
SZUCS, Lajos Hungary Silver
KOZMA, Mihaly Hungary Silver
DUNAI, Antal Hungary Silver
KU, Lajos Hungary Silver
VARADI, Bela Hungary Silver
DUNAI, Ede Hungary Silver
BALINT, Laszlo Hungary Silver
KOCSIS, Lajos Hungary Silver
TOTH, Kalman Hungary Silver
BRANIKOVICS, Laszlo Hungary Silver
KOVACS, Jozsef Hungary Silver
VIDACS, Csaba Hungary Silver
ROTHERMEL, Adam Hungary Silver
CROY, Jürgen East Germany Bronze
ZAPF, Manfred East Germany Bronze
WEISE, Konrad East Germany Bronze
BRANSCH, Bernd East Germany Bronze
POMMERENKE, Jürgen East Germany Bronze
SPARWASSER, Jürgen East Germany Bronze
KREISCHE, Hans-Jürgen East Germany Bronze
STREICH, Joachim East Germany Bronze
SEGUIN, Wolfgang East Germany Bronze
DUCKE, Peter East Germany Bronze
GANZERA, Frank East Germany Bronze
KURBJUWEIT, Lothar East Germany Bronze
VOGEL, Eberhard East Germany Bronze
IRMSCHER, Harald East Germany Bronze
SCHULENBERG, Ralf East Germany Bronze
HÄFNER, Reinhard East Germany Bronze
WATZLICH, Siegmar East Germany Bronze
BLOKHIN, Oleg Soviet Union Bronze
KHURCILAVA, Murtaz Soviet Union Bronze
ISTOMIN, Yuri Soviet Union Bronze
KAPLICHNY, Vladimir Soviet Union Bronze
KOLOTOV, Viktor Soviet Union Bronze
LOVCHEV, Yevgeni Soviet Union Bronze
OLSHANSKY, Sergei Soviet Union Bronze
RUDAKOV, Yevgeni Soviet Union Bronze
SEMENOV, Vyacheslav Soviet Union Bronze
EVRYUZHIKHIN, Gennadi Soviet Union Bronze
ZANAZANYAN, Oganes Soviet Union Bronze
YAKUBIK, Andrei Soviet Union Bronze
ANDRIASYAN, Arkadi Soviet Union Bronze
DZODZUASHVILI, Revaz Soviet Union Bronze
SABO, Iosef Soviet Union Bronze
ELISEEV, Yuri Soviet Union Bronze
ONISHCHENKO, Vladimir Soviet Union Bronze
KUKSOV, Anatoli Soviet Union Bronze
PILGUI, Vladimir Soviet Union Bronze