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Olympiad Medal Results

1900: Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men

1900: Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GOSSLER, Oscar Germany Gold
KATZENSTEIN, Walther Germany Gold
TIETGENS, Waldemar Germany Gold
GOSSLER, Gustav Ludwig Germany Gold
GOSSLER, Carl Heinrich Germany Gold
DELCHAMBRE, Emile France Gold
CAU, Jean France Gold
BOUCKAERT, Henri France Gold
HAZEBROUCK, Henri France Gold
CHARLOT, France Gold
PERRIN, Charles France Silver
SOUBEYRAN, Daniel France Silver
WEGELIN, Emile France Silver
LUMPP, Georges France Silver
LOTSY, Gerhard Oswald Netherlands Silver
HIEBENDAAI, Coenraad Christiaan Netherlands Silver
LOTSY, Paulus Jan Netherlands Silver
TERWOGT, Johannes Hester Lambertus Netherlands Silver
BROCKMANN, Hermanus Gerardus Netherlands Silver
LEHLE, Carl Germany Bronze
FELLE, Ernst Germany Bronze
WILKER, Hermann Germany Bronze
FICKEISEN, Otto Germany Bronze
KRÖWERATH, Franz Germany Bronze
RÜSTER, Hugo Germany Bronze
CARSTENS, Wilhelm Germany Bronze
KÖRNER, Julius Germany Bronze
MÖLLER, Adolf Germany Bronze
MOTHS, Gustav Adolf Germany Bronze