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Olympiad Medal Results

1980: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

1980: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KRAUSS, Bernd East Germany Gold
KOPPE, Hans-Peter East Germany Gold
KONS, Ulrich East Germany Gold
FRIEDRICH, Jörg East Germany Gold
DOBERSCHÜTZ, Jens East Germany Gold
KARNATZ, Ulrich East Germany Gold
DÜHRING, Uwe East Germany Gold
HÖING, Bernd East Germany Gold
LUDWIG, Klaus-Dieter East Germany Gold
MCDOUGALL, Duncan United Kingdom Silver
WHITWELL, Allan United Kingdom Silver
CLAY, Henry United Kingdom Silver
MAHONEY, Chris United Kingdom Silver
JUSTICE, Andrew United Kingdom Silver
PRITCHARD, John United Kingdom Silver
MCGOWAN, Malkolm United Kingdom Silver
STANHOPE, Richard United Kingdom Silver
MOYNIHAN, Colin United Kingdom Silver
KOKOSHIN, Viktor Soviet Union Bronze
TISHCHENKO, Andrei Soviet Union Bronze
TKACHENKO, Aleksandr Soviet Union Bronze
PINTSKUS, Ionas Soviet Union Bronze
NORMANTAS, Ionas Soviet Union Bronze
LUGIN, Andrei Soviet Union Bronze
MANTSEVICH, Aleksandr Soviet Union Bronze
MAISTRENKO, Igor Soviet Union Bronze
DMITRIENKO, Grigori Soviet Union Bronze