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Olympiad Medal Results

1998: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Women

1998: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BAILEY, Chris United States Gold
BAKER, Laurie United States Gold
BLAHOSKI, Alana United States Gold
BROWN-MILLER, Lisa United States Gold
BYE, Karyn United States Gold
COYNE, Colleen United States Gold
DECOSTA, Sara United States Gold
DUNN-LUOMA, Tricia United States Gold
GRANATO, Cammi United States Gold
KING, Katie United States Gold
LOONEY, Shelley United States Gold
MERZ, Sue United States Gold
MLECZKO, Allison United States Gold
MOUNSEY, Tara United States Gold
MOVSESSIAN, Vicki United States Gold
RUGGIERO, Angela United States Gold
POTTER, Jenny United States Gold
TUETING, Sarah United States Gold
ULION, Gretchen United States Gold
WHYTE, Sandra United States Gold
BOTTERILL, Jennifer Canada Silver
BRISSON, Therese Canada Silver
CAMPBELL, Cassie Canada Silver
DIDUCK, Judy Canada Silver
DROLET, Nancy Canada Silver
DUPUIS, Lori Canada Silver
GOYETTE, Danielle Canada Silver
HEANEY, Geraldine Canada Silver
HEFFORD, Jayna Canada Silver
KELLAR, Becky Canada Silver
MCCORMACK, Katheryn Canada Silver
NYSTROM, Karen Canada Silver
REDDON, Lesley Canada Silver
RHEAUME, Manon Canada Silver
SCHULER, Laura Canada Silver
SMITH, Fiona Canada Silver
ST-LOUIS, France Canada Silver
SUNOHARA, Vicky Canada Silver
WICKENHEISER, Hayley Canada Silver
WILSON, Stacy Canada Silver
FISK, Sari Finland Bronze
HANNINEN, Kirsi Finland Bronze
HUOTARI, Satu Finland Bronze
IHALAINEN, Marianne Finland Bronze
IKONEN, Johanna Finland Bronze
KROOKS, Sari Finland Bronze
LAAKSONEN, Emma Finland Bronze
LANKOSAARI, Sanna Finland Bronze
LEHTD, Katja Finland Bronze
LEHTIMAKI, Marika Finland Bronze
NIEMINEN, Riikka Finland Bronze
PALVILA, Marja-Helena Finland Bronze
PUPUTTI, Tuula Finland Bronze
RANTAMAKI, Karoliina Finland Bronze
REIMA, Tiia Finland Bronze
RIIPI, Katja Finland Bronze
SALO, Paivi Finland Bronze
SELIN, Maria Finland Bronze
SNECK, Liisa-Maria Finland Bronze
VAARAKALLIO, Petra Finland Bronze