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The Results for QUEYROUX, Rene

Olympiad Medal Results

1956: Fencing - épée team Men

1956: Fencing - épée team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DELFINO, Giuseppe Italy Gold
BERTINETTI, Franco Italy Gold
PELLEGRINO, Alberto Italy Gold
ANGLESIO, Giorgio Italy Gold
PAVESI, Carlo Italy Gold
MANGIAROTTI, Edoardo Italy Gold
RERRICH, Bela Hungary Silver
NAGY, Ambrus Hungary Silver
BERZSENYI, Barnabas Hungary Silver
MAROSI, Jozsef Hungary Silver
SAKOVICS, Jozsef Hungary Silver
BALTHAZAR, Lajos Hungary Silver
DREYFUS, Yves France Bronze
QUEYROUX, Rene France Bronze
DAGALLIER, Daniel France Bronze
NIGON, Claude France Bronze
MOUYAL, Armand France Bronze