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Olympiad Medal Results

1952: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1952: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ABEL, George Gordon Canada Gold
DAVIES, John Francis Canada Gold
DAWE, Billie Canada Gold
DICKSON, Robert Bruce Canada Gold
GAUF, Donald Valentine Canada Gold
GIBSON, William James Canada Gold
HANSCH, Ralph Lawrence Canada Gold
MEYERS, Robert Roderick Canada Gold
MILLER, David Engelberg Canada Gold
PATERSON, Eric Evan Canada Gold
POLLOCK, Thomas Allen Canada Gold
PURVIS, Alan Ruggles Canada Gold
ROBERTSON, Gordon Canada Gold
SECCO, Louis John Canada Gold
SULLIVAN, Francis Cornelius Canada Gold
WATT, Robert Canada Gold
BJORKMAN, Ruben Eugene United States Silver
CEGLARSKI, Leonard Stanley United States Silver
CZARNOTA, Joseph John United States Silver
DESMOND, Richard Joseph United States Silver
GAMBUCCI, André Peter United States Silver
HARRISON, Clifford United States Silver
KILMARTIN, Gerald Walsh United States Silver
MULHERN, John Francis United States Silver
NOAH, John Michael United States Silver
OSS, Arnold Carl United States Silver
ROMPRE, Robert Edward United States Silver
SEDIN, James Walter United States Silver
VAN ALLEN, Alfred United States Silver
WHISTON, Donald Francis United States Silver
YACKEL, Kenneth James United States Silver
ALMQVIST, Göte Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON-TVILLING, Hans Lennart Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON-TVILLING, Stig Gunnar Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Ake Sweden Bronze
BJÖRN, Lars Gunnar Sweden Bronze
BLOMQVIST, Göte Sweden Bronze
FLODQVIST, Thord Sweden Bronze
JOHANSSON, Erik Sweden Bronze
JOHANSSON, Gösta Sweden Bronze
JOHANSSON, Rune Sweden Bronze
JOHANSSON-TUMBA, Sven Olof Sweden Bronze
NURMELA, Holger Sweden Bronze
PETTERSSON, Lars Sweden Bronze
SVENSSON, Lars Ake Sweden Bronze
THUNMAN, Sven Sweden Bronze
ÖBERG, Hans Andreas Sweden Bronze
LASSAS, Erik Ake Sweden Bronze