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The Results for VAN AS, Naomi

Olympiad Medal Results

2008: Hockey - hockey Women

2008: Hockey - hockey Women

Athlete Nation Medal
AGLIOTTI, Marilyn Netherlands Gold
BOOIJ, Minke Netherlands Gold
DE GOEDE, Eva Netherlands Gold
DE ROEVER, Lisanne Netherlands Gold
DIJKSTRA, Wieke Netherlands Gold
GODERIE, Maartje Netherlands Gold
HOOG, Ellen Netherlands Gold
MOREIRA DE MELO, Fatima Netherlands Gold
MULDER, Eefke Netherlands Gold
PAUMEN, Maartje Netherlands Gold
POLKAMP, Sophie Netherlands Gold
SCHOPMAN, Janneke Netherlands Gold
SMABERS, Minke Netherlands Gold
VAN AS, Naomi Netherlands Gold
VAN GEENHUIZEN, Miek Netherlands Gold
WELTEN, Lidewij Netherlands Gold
PAN, Fengzhen China Silver
SONG, Qingling China Silver
CHEN, Zhaoxia China Silver
MA, Yibo China Silver
CHENG, Hui China Silver
HUANG, Junxia China Silver
ZHOU, Wanfeng China Silver
FU, Baorong China Silver
LI, Shuang China Silver
TANG, Chunling China Silver
GAO, Lihua China Silver
ZHANG, Yimeng China Silver
LI, Hongxia China Silver
REN, Ye China Silver
CHEN, Qiuqi China Silver
ZHAO, Yudiao China Silver
SUCCI, Belen Argentina Bronze
AICEGA, Magdalena Argentina Bronze
LUCHETTI, Rosario Argentina Bronze
GULLA, Alejandra Argentina Bronze
AYMAR, Luciana Argentina Bronze
GARCIA, Agustina Argentina Bronze
REBECCHI, Carla Argentina Bronze
GONZALEZ OLIVA, Mariana Argentina Bronze
MARGALOT, Mercedes Argentina Bronze
HERNANDEZ, Maria de la Paz Argentina Bronze
ROSSI, Mariana Argentina Bronze
VUKOJICIC, Paola Argentina Bronze
RUSSO, Marine Argentina Bronze
BURKART, Claudia Argentina Bronze
KANEVSKY, Giselle Argentina Bronze
BARRIONUEVO, Noel Argentina Bronze