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The Results for VAN BUSSELL, Hendrikus

Olympiad Medal Results

1920: Archery - moving bird target 28m teams Men

1920: Archery - moving bird target 28m teams Men

Athlete Nation Medal
THEEUWES, Adrianus Cornelis Netherlands Gold
VAN BUSSELL, Hendrikus Netherlands Gold
PACKBIERS, Jan Joseph Netherlands Gold
VAN MERRIENBOER, Adrianus Netherlands Gold
VAN GASTEL, Johannes Jacobus Netherlands Gold
WILLEMS, Theodorus B. Netherlands Gold
DE BROUWER, Petrus Godefridus Netherlands Gold
VAN GESTEL, Jan-Babtiest-Jozef Netherlands Gold
VAN INNIS, Hubert Belgium Silver
ALLAERT, Alphonse Belgium Silver
DE KNIBBER, Edmond Belgium Silver
DELCON, Louis Belgium Silver
DE MAYER, Jérome Belgium Silver
VAN THIELT, Pierre Belgium Silver
FIERENS, Louis Belgium Silver
VAN BEECK, Louis Belgium Silver
BRULE, Julien Louis France Bronze
QUENTIN, Léonce Gaston France Bronze
FAUVEL, Pascal France Bronze
GRIZOT, Eugène G. France Bronze
RICHEZ, Eugène France Bronze
MABELLON, Artur France Bronze
EPIN, Léon France Bronze
LEROY, Paul France Bronze