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Olympiad Medal Results

1996: Volleyball - volleyball Men

1996: Volleyball - volleyball Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VAN DER MEULEN, Olof Netherlands Gold
BLANGE, Peter Netherlands Gold
GRABERT, Rob Netherlands Gold
VAN DE GOOR, Mike Netherlands Gold
LATUHIHIN, Misha Netherlands Gold
HELD, Henk-Jan Netherlands Gold
RODENBURG, Brecht Netherlands Gold
GORTZEN, Guido Netherlands Gold
SCHUIL, Richard Netherlands Gold
ZWERVER, Ronald Netherlands Gold
VAN DE GOOR, Bas Netherlands Gold
POSTHUMA, Jan Netherlands Gold
BERNARDI, Lorenzo Italy Silver
BOVOLENTA, Vigor Italy Silver
BRACCI, Marco Italy Silver
CANTAGALLI, Luca Italy Silver
GARDINI, Andrea Italy Silver
GIANI, Andrea Italy Silver
GRAVINA, Pasquale Italy Silver
MEONI, Marco Italy Silver
PAPI, Samuele Italy Silver
SARTORETTI, Andrea Italy Silver
TOFOLI, Paolo Italy Silver
ZORZI, Andrea Italy Silver
BRDJOVIC, Dejan Yugoslavia Bronze
PETROVIC, Zarko Yugoslavia Bronze
KOVAC, Slobodan Yugoslavia Bronze
GRBIC, Vladimir Yugoslavia Bronze
GRBIC, Nikola Yugoslavia Bronze
TANASKOVIC, Zeljko Yugoslavia Bronze
JOKANOVIC, Rajko Yugoslavia Bronze
MESTER, Djula Yugoslavia Bronze
BATEZ, Vladimir Yugoslavia Bronze
VUJEVIC, Goran Yugoslavia Bronze
GERIC, Andrija Yugoslavia Bronze
DJURIC, Djordje Yugoslavia Bronze