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Olympiad Medal Results

2008: Water polo - water polo Women

2008: Water polo - water polo Women

Athlete Nation Medal
VAN DER MEIJDEN, Ilse Netherlands Gold
SMIT, Yasemin Netherlands Gold
CABOUT, Mieke Netherlands Gold
HAKHVERDIAN, Biurakn Netherlands Gold
VAN DEN HAM, Marieke Netherlands Gold
DE BRUIJN, Danielle Netherlands Gold
VAN BELKUM, Iefke Netherlands Gold
KLEIN, Noeki Netherlands Gold
VAN DEN BERG, Gillian Netherlands Gold
SIJBRING, Alette Netherlands Gold
GUICHELAAR, Rianne Netherlands Gold
KOOT, Simone Netherlands Gold
DE NOOY, Meike Netherlands Gold
JEAN BAPTISTE, Ange Mercie United States Silver
PETRI, Heather United States Silver
GREGORY, Alex United States Silver
VILLA, Brenda United States Silver
NIELSEN, Klaus United States Silver
GOLDA, Natalie United States Silver
LUKAUSKIS, Mindaugas United States Silver
BHOLLAH, Ravi United States Silver
BOSSE BERANGER, Aymard United States Silver
FREEMAN, Alice United States Silver
CORNEJO SCHEELJE, Cristina United States Silver
PREKEVICIUS, Marius United States Silver
PARKER, Tom United States Silver
KNOX, Emma Australia Bronze
BEADSWORTH, Gemma Australia Bronze
CUFFE, Nikita Australia Bronze
RIPPON, Rebecca Australia Bronze
FRASER, Suzie Australia Bronze
KNOX, Bronwen Australia Bronze
GOFERS, Taniele Australia Bronze
GYNTHER, Kate Australia Bronze
SANTOROMITO, Jenna Australia Bronze
SANTOROMITO, Mia Australia Bronze
RIPPON, Melissa Australia Bronze
HETZEL, Amy Australia Bronze
MCCORMACK, Alicia Australia Bronze