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Olympiad Medal Results

1996: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

1996: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
GAFENCU, Liliana Romania Gold
COCHELEA, Veronica Romania Gold
GEORGESCU, Elena Romania Gold
TANASE, Anca Romania Gold
SPIRCU, Doina Romania Gold
POPESCU, Marioara Romania Gold
OLTEANU, Ioana Romania Gold
LIPA, Elisabeta Romania Gold
IGNAT, Doina Romania Gold
VAN DER KAMP, Anna Canada Silver
TSANG, Tosha Canada Silver
THOMPSON, Lesley Allison Canada Silver
ROBINSON, Emma Canada Silver
MONROE, Jessica Canada Silver
MCDERMID, Heather Canada Silver
MAUNDER, Maria Canada Silver
LUKE, Theresa Canada Silver
KORN, Alison Canada Silver
MIKULICH, Yelena Belarus Bronze
ZNAK, Marina Belarus Bronze
VOLCHEK, Natalya Belarus Bronze
STASYUK, Natalia Belarus Bronze
DAVYDENKO, Tamara Belarus Bronze
SKRABATUN, Valentina Belarus Bronze
LAVRINENKO, Natalya Belarus Bronze
PAVLOVICH, Yaroslava Belarus Bronze
PANKINA, Aleksandra Belarus Bronze