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The Results for VAN DROGENBROEK, Marieke

Olympiad Medal Results

1984: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

1984: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
O'STEEN, Shyril United States Gold
METCALF, Harriet Morris United States Gold
BOWER, Caroll Ann United States Gold
GRAVES, Carolyn Brand United States Gold
FLANAGAN, Jeanne Ann United States Gold
NORELIUS, Kristine Lee United States Gold
THORSSNESS, Kristen Joy United States Gold
KEELER, Kathryn Elliott United States Gold
BEARD, Elizabeth Ann United States Gold
BALAN-SNEP, Doina Lilian Romania Silver
TRASCA, Marioara Romania Silver
PLESCA, Aurora Romania Silver
MIHALY, Aneta Romania Silver
BAZON, Adriana Romania Silver
ARMASESCU, Mihaela Romania Silver
DIACONESCU, Camelia Romania Silver
SAUCA, Lucia Romania Silver
IOJA, Viorica Romania Silver
HELLEMANS, Nicolette Netherlands Bronze
CORNET, Lynda Netherlands Bronze
VAN ETTEKOVEN, Harriet Netherlands Bronze
HELLEMANS, Greet Netherlands Bronze
VAN DROGENBROEK, Marieke Netherlands Bronze
QUIST, Anne-Marie Netherlands Bronze
NEELISSEN, Catalien Netherlands Bronze
VAANDRAGER, Willemientje Netherlands Bronze
LAURIJSEN, Martha Netherlands Bronze