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The Results for VAN TILT, Louis

Olympiad Medal Results

1920: Shooting - clay pigeons, team Men

1920: Shooting - clay pigeons, team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ARIE, Mark United States Gold
TROEH, Frank United States Gold
WRIGHT, Frank United States Gold
PLUM, Frederick United States Gold
BONSER, Horace United States Gold
MCNEIR, Forest United States Gold
BOSQUET, Albert Belgium Silver
COGELS, Joseph Belgium Silver
DUPONT, Emile Belgium Silver
QUERSIN, Henri Belgium Silver
VAN TILT, Louis Belgium Silver
FESINGER, Edouard Belgium Silver
LUNDQUIST, Erik R. G. Sweden Bronze
KINDE, Per Sweden Bronze
LANDELIUS, P. Fredric Sweden Bronze
SWAHN, Alfred Sweden Bronze
RICHTER, Karl G. B. Sweden Bronze
SÖKJER-PETERSEN, Erik Sweden Bronze