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The Results for VANCE, Samuel Goodwin

Olympiad Medal Results

1924: Shooting - clay pigeons, team Men

1924: Shooting - clay pigeons, team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ETCHEN, Frederick R. United States Gold
HUGUES, F. H. United States Gold
MOEL, J. United States Gold
PLATT, Clarence B. United States Gold
SHARMAN, Samuel United States Gold
SILKWORTH, William United States Gold
BARNES, W. Canada Silver
BEATTIE, George Canada Silver
BLACK, John Hutchinson Canada Silver
MONTGOMERY, Robert James Canada Silver
NEWTON, S. R. Canada Silver
VANCE, Samuel Goodwin Canada Silver
EKMAN, Werner R. N. Finland Bronze
HUBER, Konrad Walentin Finland Bronze
HUBER, Robert Valdemar Finland Bronze
NORDBLAD, Georg J. W. Finland Bronze
TIKKANEN, Robert Finland Bronze
WEGELIUS, Karl Magnus Finland Bronze