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The Results for VARLEY, Fleetwood Ernest

Olympiad Medal Results

1908: Shooting - rifle, team Men

1908: Shooting - rifle, team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LEUSHNER, William F. United States Gold
MARTIN, William United States Gold
WINDER, Charles B. United States Gold
CASEY, Kellog Kennon Venable United States Gold
EASTMAN, Albert United States Gold
BENEDICT, Charles Summer United States Gold
OMMUNDSEN, Harcourt United Kingdom Silver
VARLEY, Fleetwood Ernest United Kingdom Silver
FULTON, Arthur George United Kingdom Silver
RICHARDSON, Philipp Wigam United Kingdom Silver
PADGETT, William G. United Kingdom Silver
MARTIN, John E. United Kingdom Silver
SMITH, William Albert Canada Bronze
CROWE, Charles Robert Canada Bronze
WILLIAMS, Bruce M. Canada Bronze
MCINNIS, Dugald Canada Bronze
EASTCOTT, William Merrill Canada Bronze
KERR, Harry Canada Bronze