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The Results for VAZQUEZ, Fabian

Olympiad Medal Results

1980: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

1980: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
BLINOV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
GALZUN, Soviet Union Gold
SALNIKOV, Yuri Soviet Union Gold
PINTSET, Soviet Union Gold
VOLKOV, Valeri Soviet Union Gold
TSKHETI, Soviet Union Gold
ROGOZHIN, Sergei Soviet Union Gold
GELESPONT, Soviet Union Gold
ROMAN, Federico Euro Italy Silver
ROSSINAN, Italy Silver
CASAGRANDE, Anna Italy Silver
DALEYE, Italy Silver
ROMAN, Mauro Italy Silver
DOURAKINE-4, Italy Silver
SCIOCCHETTI, Marina Italy Silver
MENDIVIL YOCUPICIO, Manuel Mexico Bronze
REMEMBER, Mexico Bronze
BARCENA RIOS, David Mexico Bronze
BOMBONA, Mexico Bronze
PEREZ SOTO, Soto Jose Luis Mexico Bronze
QUELITE, Mexico Bronze
VAZQUEZ, Fabian Mexico Bronze
COCALECO, Mexico Bronze