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The Results for VELAMAZAN, Antonio

Olympiad Medal Results

2000: Football - football Men

2000: Football - football Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ETO'O FILS, Samuel Cameroon Gold
MIMPO, Serge Cameroon Gold
BEAUD, Clement Cameroon Gold
NGUIMBAT, Aaron Cameroon Gold
EPALLE, Joel Cameroon Gold
MBAMI, Modeste Cameroon Gold
ABANDA ETONG, Patrice Cameroon Gold
ALNOUDJI, Nicolas Cameroon Gold
BEKONO NDENE, Daniel Cameroon Gold
BRANCO, Serge Cameroon Gold
ETAME MAYER, Lawren Cameroon Gold
KAMENI, Idriss C Cameroon Gold
MBOMA DEM, Patrick Cameroon Gold
MEYONG ZE, Albert Cameroon Gold
NGOME KOME, Daniel Cameroon Gold
NJITAP FOTSO, Geremi Cameroon Gold
SUFFO K, Patrick Cameroon Gold
WOME NLEND, Pierre Cameroon Gold
ALBELDA, David Spain Silver
AMAYA, Ivan Spain Silver
ANGULO, Miguel Angel Spain Silver
ARANZUBIA, Daniel Spain Silver
CAPDEVILA, Juan Spain Silver
FERRON, Jordi Spain Silver
GARCIA, Gabriel Spain Silver
HERNANDEZ, Xavier Spain Silver
LACRUZ, Jesus Maria Spain Silver
LUQUE, Alberto Spain Silver
MARCHENA, Carlos Spain Silver
ORTIZ, Felipe Spain Silver
PUYOL, Carlos Spain Silver
ROMERO, Jose Maria Spain Silver
RUIZ, Ismael Spain Silver
TAMUDO, Raul Spain Silver
VELAMAZAN, Antonio Spain Silver
VERGARA, Unai Spain Silver
REYES, Pedro Chile Bronze
TAPIA, Nelson Chile Bronze
ZAMORANO, Ivan Chile Bronze
DI GREGORIO, Javier Chile Bronze
ALVAREZ, Cristian Chile Bronze
ARRUE, Francisco Chile Bronze
CONTRERAS, Pablo Chile Bronze
GONZALEZ, Sebastian Chile Bronze
HENRIQUEZ, David Chile Bronze
IBARRA, Manuel Chile Bronze
MALDONADO, Claudio Chile Bronze
NAVIA, Reinaldo Chile Bronze
NUNEZ, Rodrigo Chile Bronze
OLARRA, Rafael Chile Bronze
ORMAZABAL, Patricio Chile Bronze
PIZARRO, David Chile Bronze
TELLO, Rodrigo Chile Bronze
ROJAS, Mauricio Chile Bronze