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Olympiad Medal Results

2000: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

2000: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
DAMIAN, Georgeta Romania Gold
SUSANU, Viorica Romania Gold
OLTEANU, Ioana Romania Gold
COCHELEA, Veronica Romania Gold
DUMITRACHE, Maria Magdalena Romania Gold
LIPA, Elisabeta Romania Gold
GAFENCU, Liliana Romania Gold
IGNAT, Doina Romania Gold
GEORGESCU, Elena Romania Gold
VENEMA, Anneke Netherlands Silver
BEEK TER, Carin Netherlands Silver
PENNINX, Nelleke Netherlands Silver
VAN DISHOECK, Pieta Netherlands Silver
VAN NES, Eeke Netherlands Silver
APPELDOORN, Tessa Netherlands Silver
WESTERHOF, Marieke Netherlands Silver
MEIJER, Elien Netherlands Silver
QUIK, Martijntje Netherlands Silver
MCDERMID, Heather Canada Bronze
DAVIS, Heather Canada Bronze
URBANIAK, Dorota Canada Bronze
LUKE, Theresa Canada Bronze
ROBINSON, Emma Canada Bronze
KORN, Alison Canada Bronze
BIESENTHAL, Laryssa Canada Bronze
ALEXANDER, Buffy Canada Bronze
THOMPSON, Lesley Allison Canada Bronze