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The Results for VERDONCK, Julien

Olympiad Medal Results

1920: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

1920: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ZAMPORI, Giorgio Italy Gold
MAIOCCO, Luigi Italy Gold
MANDRINI, Ferdinando Italy Gold
LUCCHETTI, Vittorio Italy Gold
SALVI, Paolo Italy Gold
BELOTTO, Ettore Italy Gold
MANGIANTE, Lorenzo Italy Gold
MAROVELLI, Antonio Italy Gold
ZORZI, Angelo Italy Gold
BONATTI, Fernando Italy Gold
CAMBIASO, Luigi Italy Gold
CONTESSI, Luigi Italy Gold
COSTIGLIOLO, Carlo Italy Gold
DOMENICHELLI, Guiseppe Italy Gold
PARIS, Giuseppe Italy Gold
LOI, Francesco Italy Gold
ANDREOLI, Arnaldo Italy Gold
BIANCHI, Pietro Italy Gold
COSTIGLIOLO, Luigi Italy Gold
FERRARI, Roberto Italy Gold
FREGOSI, Carlo Italy Gold
GHIGLIONE, Romualdo Italy Gold
LEVATI, Ambrogio Italy Gold
MASTROMARINO, Michele Italy Gold
ROSELLI, Ezio Italy Gold
TUBINO, Giovanni Battista Italy Gold
BATTISTA, Pastorini Battista Italy Gold
MANLIO, Mangiante Giovanni Italy Gold
AUWERKERKEN, Eugenius Belgium Silver
BAUER, Théophile Belgium Silver
CLAESSENS, Francois Belgium Silver
COOTMANS, Auguste Belgium Silver
GIBENS, Frans Belgium Silver
VAN GUYSSE, Jean Belgium Silver
HAEPERS, Albert Belgium Silver
JACOBS, Dominique Belgium Silver
KEMPENEERS, Félicien Belgium Silver
LABEEU, Jules Belgium Silver
LAFORTUNE, Hubert Belgium Silver
LANDRIEU, Auguste Belgium Silver
LANNIE, Charles Belgium Silver
LORIOT, Constant Belgium Silver
VAN MELE, Alphonse Belgium Silver
MINNAERT, Ferdinand Belgium Silver
MOERLOOS, Nicolas Belgium Silver
STOOP, Louis Belgium Silver
VERBOVEN, François Belgium Silver
VERBOVEN, Jean Belgium Silver
VERDONCK, Julien Belgium Silver
VERSTRAETEN, Joseph Belgium Silver
VIVEX, Georges Belgium Silver
WAGEMANS, Julianus Belgium Silver
BOUCHES, Emile France Bronze
DURIN, Paul Joseph France Bronze
LEMAIRE, Paulin Alexandre France Bronze
BERGER, Georges France Bronze
DELSARTE, Léon France Bronze
DUVANT, Georges France Bronze
KEMPE, Louis France Bronze
DEMANET, Lucien France Bronze
HOEL, Auguste France Bronze
FAUCONNIER, Fernand France Bronze
HERSOYE, Albert France Bronze
BOULANGER, René France Bronze
LAGOUGE, Georges France Bronze
LESPINASSE, Ernest France Bronze
PIRARD, Jules France Bronze
WARTELLE, Julien France Bronze
WARTELLE, Paul France Bronze
THURNHERR, Georges France Bronze
HIGELIN, André France Bronze
MARTEL, Emile France Bronze
POLLET, Eugène France Bronze
HERMANN, Arthur France Bronze
CORDONNIER, Eugène France Bronze
BUYENNE, Alfred France Bronze