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The Results for VERRATTI, Ciro

Olympiad Medal Results

1936: Fencing - foil team Men

1936: Fencing - foil team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BOCCHINO, Giorgio Italy Gold
DI ROSA, Manlio Italy Gold
GUARAGNA, Gioachino Italy Gold
VERRATTI, Ciro Italy Gold
GAUDINI, Giulio Italy Gold
MARZI, Gustavo Italy Gold
GARDERE, Edouard France Silver
GARDERE, André France Silver
COUTROT, Jacques France Silver
BOUGNOL, René France Silver
BONDOUX, René France Silver
LEMOINE, René France Silver
LERDON, Siegfried Germany Bronze
HEIM, August Germany Bronze
CASMIR, Erwin Germany Bronze
EISENECKER, Julius Germany Bronze
ROSENBAUER, Stefan Germany Bronze
ADAM, Otto Germany Bronze