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Olympiad Medal Results

1976: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

1976: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
COFFIN, Edmund Sloane United States Gold
BALLY-COR, United States Gold
PLUMB, John Michael United States Gold
BETTER & BETTE, United States Gold
DAVIDSON, Bruce Oram United States Gold
IRISH-CAP, United States Gold
TAUSKEY, Mary Anne United States Gold
MARCUS-AURELIUS, United States Gold
SCHULTZ, Karl West Germany Silver
MADRIGAL, West Germany Silver
BLÍCKER, Herbert West Germany Silver
ALBRANT, West Germany Silver
RETHEMEIER, Helmut West Germany Silver
PAULINE, West Germany Silver
AMMERMANN, Otto West Germany Silver
VOLTURNO, West Germany Silver
ROYCROFT, Wayne Australia Bronze
LAURENSON, Australia Bronze
BENNETT, Mervyn Australia Bronze
REGAL REIGN, Australia Bronze
ROYCROFT, William Australia Bronze
VERSION, Australia Bronze
PIGOTT, Dennis Australia Bronze
HILLSTEAD, Australia Bronze