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Olympiad Medal Results

1928: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

1928: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PFISTER, Otto Switzerland Gold
GÜTTINGER, August Switzerland Gold
WEZEL, Melchior Switzerland Gold
GRIEDER, Hans Switzerland Gold
STEINEMANN, Eduard Switzerland Gold
HÄNGGI, Hermann Switzerland Gold
MIEZ, Georges Switzerland Gold
MACK, Eugen Switzerland Gold
KOUTNY, Jan Czechoslovakia Silver
VESELY, Vaclav Czechoslovakia Silver
TIKAL, Ladislav Czechoslovakia Silver
LOFFLER, Emanuel Czechoslovakia Silver
GAJDOS, Jan Czechoslovakia Silver
VACHA, Ladislav Czechoslovakia Silver
EFFENBERGER, Josef Czechoslovakia Silver
SUPCIK, Bedrich Czechoslovakia Silver
CIOTTI, Dragutin Yugoslavia Bronze
ANTOSIEWIC, Eduard Yugoslavia Bronze
GREGORKA, Boris Yugoslavia Bronze
PORENTA, Ivan Yugoslavia Bronze
PRIMOZIC, Josip Yugoslavia Bronze
DERGANC, Stane Yugoslavia Bronze
STUKELJ, Leon Yugoslavia Bronze
MALEJ, Anton Yugoslavia Bronze