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Olympiad Medal Results

1932: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

1932: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SALISBURY, Edwin Lyle United States Gold
BLAIR, James Howard United States Gold
GREGG, Duncan Smith United States Gold
DUNLAP, David Coombs United States Gold
JASTRAM, Burton Albert United States Gold
CHANDLER, Charles United States Gold
TOWER, Harold United States Gold
HALL, Winslow William United States Gold
GRAHAM, Norris James United States Gold
CIONI, Vittorio Italy Silver
BALLERI, Mario Italy Silver
BRACCI, Renato Italy Silver
BARSOTTI, Dino Italy Silver
VESTRINI, Roberto Italy Silver
DEL BIMBO, Guglielmo Italy Silver
GARZELLI, Enrico Italy Silver
BARBIERI, Renato Italy Silver
MILANI, Cesare Italy Silver
EASTWOOD, Earl Canada Bronze
HARRIS, Joseph John Canada Bronze
STANYAR, Stanley Canada Bronze
FRY, Harry Britain Canada Bronze
LIDDELL, Cedric Haswell Canada Bronze
THOBURN, William Canada Bronze
BOAL, Donald G. Canada Bronze
TAYLOR, Albert Canada Bronze
MAC DONALD, George Leslie Canada Bronze