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Olympiad Medal Results

1960: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

1960: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

Athlete Nation Medal
TAKEMOTO, Masao Japan Gold
ONO, Takashi Japan Gold
AIHARA, Nobuyuki Japan Gold
ENDO, Yukio Japan Gold
TSURUMI, Shuji Japan Gold
MITSUKURI, Takashi Japan Gold
SHAKHLIN, Boris Soviet Union Silver
TITOV, Yuri Soviet Union Silver
AZARYAN, Albert Soviet Union Silver
PORTNOI, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
KERDEMILIDI, Valeri Soviet Union Silver
MILIGULO, Nikolai Soviet Union Silver
CARMINUCCI, Giovanni Italy Bronze
CARMINUCCI, Pasquale Italy Bronze
MARZOLLA, Gianfranco Italy Bronze
MENICHELLI, Franco Italy Bronze
POLMONARI, Orlando Italy Bronze
VICARDI, Angelo Italy Bronze