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The Results for VITTADINI, Rita

Olympiad Medal Results

1928: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

1928: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

Athlete Nation Medal
VAN RANDWIJK, Petronella Phillemina Johanna Netherlands Gold
VAN DEN BERG, Jacomina Netherlands Gold
POLAK, Ans Netherlands Gold
NORDHEIM, Helena Netherlands Gold
VAN DEN BOS, Alida Johanna Netherlands Gold
VAN RUMT, Hendrika Alida Netherlands Gold
VAN DER VEGT, Anna Maria Netherlands Gold
BURGERHOF, Petronella Netherlands Gold
SIMONS, Jud Netherlands Gold
DE LEVIE, Elka Netherlands Gold
STELMA, Jacoba Cornelia Netherlands Gold
AGSTERIBBE, Estella Netherlands Gold
AMBROSETTI, Bianca Italy Silver
GIANONI, Lavinia Italy Silver
GIAVOTTI, Luigina Italy Silver
GIORGI, Virginia Italy Silver
MALABARBA, Germana Italy Silver
MARANGONI, Clara Italy Silver
PERVERSI, Luigina Italy Silver
PIZZAVINI, Diana Italy Silver
TANZINI, Luisa Italy Silver
TRONCONI, Carolina Italy Silver
VERCESI, Ines Italy Silver
VITTADINI, Rita Italy Silver
HARTLEY, Margaret B. United Kingdom Bronze
PICKLES, Edith Carrie United Kingdom Bronze
BROADBENT, Annie United Kingdom Bronze
JAGGER, Amy C. United Kingdom Bronze
SMITH, Ada United Kingdom Bronze
DESMOND, Lucy United Kingdom Bronze
WOODS, Doris United Kingdom Bronze
KITE, Jessie T. United Kingdom Bronze
JUDD, Isobel M. R. United Kingdom Bronze
MOREMAN, Marjorie United Kingdom Bronze
SEYMOUR, Ethel United Kingdom Bronze
SMITH, Hilda United Kingdom Bronze