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Olympiad Medal Results

1988: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

1988: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BAITOVA, Svetlana Soviet Union Gold
SHEVCHENKO, Elena Soviet Union Gold
STRAZHEVA, Olga Soviet Union Gold
BOGINSKAYA, Svetlana Soviet Union Gold
LACHTCHENOVA, Natalia Soviet Union Gold
SHUSHUNOVA, Elena Soviet Union Gold
VOINEA, Camelia Romania Silver
GOLEA, Eugenia Romania Silver
POPA, Celestina Romania Silver
POTORAC, Gabriela Romania Silver
SILIVAS, Daniela Romania Silver
DOBRE, Aurelia Romania Silver
JENTSCH, Martina East Germany Bronze
FÄHNRICH, Gabriele East Germany Bronze
KLOTZ, Ulrike East Germany Bronze
SCHIEFERDECKER, Bettina East Germany Bronze
THÜMMLER, Dörte East Germany Bronze
KERSTEN, Dagmar East Germany Bronze