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1988: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

1988: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
ERHORN, Claus West Germany Gold
JUSTYN THYME, West Germany Gold
BAUMANN, Matthias Andreas West Germany Gold
SHAMROCK 11, West Germany Gold
KASPAREIT, Thies West Germany Gold
SHERRY 42, West Germany Gold
EHRENBRINK, Ralf West Germany Gold
UNCLE TODD, West Germany Gold
PHILLIPS, Mark Anthony Peter United Kingdom Silver
CARTIER, United Kingdom Silver
STRAKER, Karen United Kingdom Silver
GET SMART, United Kingdom Silver
HOLGATE-LENG, Virginia United Kingdom Silver
MASTER CRAFTSMAN, United Kingdom Silver
STARK, Ian United Kingdom Silver
SIR WATTIE, United Kingdom Silver
TODD, Mark New Zealand Bronze
CHARISMA, New Zealand Bronze
KNIGHTON, Margaret New Zealand Bronze
ENTERPRISE, New Zealand Bronze
BENNIE, Andrew New Zealand Bronze
GRAYSHOTT, New Zealand Bronze
POTTINGER, Tinks New Zealand Bronze
VOLUNTEER, New Zealand Bronze