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The Results for VON HOHENAU, Wilhelm

Olympiad Medal Results

1912: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

1912: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
LEWENHAUPT, Carl Gustaf Sweden Gold
MEDUSA, Sweden Gold
KILMAN, Gustaf Sweden Gold
GATAN, Sweden Gold
VON ROSEN, Hans Sweden Gold
LORD IRON, Sweden Gold
ROSENCRANTZ, Frederik Sweden Gold
DRABANT, Sweden Gold
DUFOURT D'ASTAFORT, Michel France Silver
AMAZONE, France Silver
CARIOU, J France Silver
MIGNON, France Silver
MEYER, Bernard France Silver
ALLONS-Y, France Silver
SEIGNER, Albert France Silver
COCOTTE, France Silver
FREYER, Sigismund Germany Bronze
ULTIMUS, Germany Bronze
VON HOHENAU, Wilhelm Germany Bronze
PRETTY GIRL, Germany Bronze
DELOCH, Ernst Hubertus Germany Bronze
HUBERTUS, Germany Bronze
VON PREUSSEN, Friedrich Karl Germany Bronze
GIBSON BOY, Germany Bronze