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The Results for VON ROSEN, Maud

Olympiad Medal Results

1972: Equestrian / Dressage - team Mixed

1972: Equestrian / Dressage - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
PETUSHKOVA, Elena Soviet Union Gold
PEPEL, Soviet Union Gold
KIZIMOV, Ivan Soviet Union Gold
IKHOR, Soviet Union Gold
KALITA, Ivan Soviet Union Gold
TARIF, Soviet Union Gold
SCHLÜTER-SCHMIDT, Karin West Germany Silver
LIOSTRO, West Germany Silver
LINSENHOFF, Liselott West Germany Silver
PIAFF, West Germany Silver
NECKERMANN, Josef West Germany Silver
VENETIA, West Germany Silver
HAKANSSON, Ulla Sweden Bronze
AJAX, Sweden Bronze
SWAAB, Ninna Sweden Bronze
CASANOVA, Sweden Bronze
VON ROSEN, Maud Sweden Bronze
LUCKY BOY, Sweden Bronze