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Olympiad Medal Results

1996: Water polo - water polo Men

1996: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ABARCA, Jose Maria Spain Gold
ANDREO, Angel Spain Gold
BALLART, Daniel Spain Gold
GARCIA AGUADO, Pedro Spain Gold
MORO, Ivan Spain Gold
PAYA, Jorge Spain Gold
PEDREROL, Sergi Spain Gold
SANS, Jordi Spain Gold
SANZ, Carlos Spain Gold
GOMEZ, Salvador Spain Gold
OCA, Miguel Angel Spain Gold
ROLLAN, Jesus Spain Gold
ESTIARTE, Manuel Spain Gold
BALIC, Maro Croatia Silver
BUKIC, Perica Croatia Silver
GLAVAN, Damir Croatia Silver
HINIC, Igor Croatia Silver
KOBESCAK, Vjekoslav Croatia Silver
KREKOVIC, Josko Croatia Silver
KRZIC, Ognjen Croatia Silver
SIMENC, Dubravko Croatia Silver
SKOLNEKOVIC, Sinisa Croatia Silver
STRITOF, Ratko Croatia Silver
VRBICIC, Renato Croatia Silver
VEGAR, Tino Croatia Silver
VRDOLJAK, Zdeslav Croatia Silver
ANGELINI, Alberto Italy Bronze
ATTOLICO, Francesco Italy Bronze
BENCIVENGA, Fabio Italy Bronze
BOVO, Alessandro Italy Bronze
CALCATERRA, Alessandro Italy Bronze
CALCATERRA, Roberto Italy Bronze
GERINI, Marco Italy Bronze
GHIBELLINI, Alberto Italy Bronze
GIUSTOLISI, Luca Italy Bronze
POMILIO, Amedeo Italy Bronze
POSTIGLIONE, Francesco Italy Bronze
SILIPO, Carlo Italy Bronze
SOTTANI, Leonardo Italy Bronze