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Olympiad Medal Results

1984: Water polo - water polo Men

1984: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KRIVOKAPIC, Milorad Yugoslavia Gold
LUSIC, Deni Yugoslavia Gold
PETROVIC, Zoran Yugoslavia Gold
VULETIC, Bozo Yugoslavia Gold
DJUHO, Veselin Yugoslavia Gold
ROJE, Zoran Yugoslavia Gold
BEBIC, Milivoj Yugoslavia Gold
BUKIC, Perica Yugoslavia Gold
SUKNO, Goran Yugoslavia Gold
PASKVALIN, Tomislav Yugoslavia Gold
MILANOVIC, Igor Yugoslavia Gold
ANDRIC, Dragan Yugoslavia Gold
POPOVIC, Andrija Yugoslavia Gold
WILSON, Craig Martin United States Silver
ROBERTSON, Kevin George United States Silver
FIGUEROA, Gary Lee United States Silver
CAMPBELL, George Peter United States Silver
BURKE, Douglas Lambert United States Silver
VARGAS, Joseph Michael United States Silver
SVENDSEN, Jon Howard United States Silver
SIMAN, John O'Connell United States Silver
MCDONALD, Andrew J. United States Silver
SCHROEDER, Terence Alan United States Silver
CAMPBELL, Jodocus David United States Silver
SHAW, Timothy Andrew United States Silver
DORST, Christopher Taylor United States Silver
RÖHLE, Peter West Germany Bronze
LOEBB, Thomas West Germany Bronze
OTTO, Frank West Germany Bronze
HOPPE, Rainer West Germany Bronze
FERNANDEZ, Armando West Germany Bronze
HUBER, Thomas West Germany Bronze
SCHRODER, Jurgen West Germany Bronze
OSSELMANN, Rainer West Germany Bronze
STAMM, Hagen West Germany Bronze
FREUND, Roland West Germany Bronze
THEISMANN, Dirk West Germany Bronze
CHALMOWSKY, Santiago West Germany Bronze
OBSCHERNIKAT, Werner West Germany Bronze