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The Results for Tennis - mixed doubles mixed

Olympiad Medal Results

1924, Paris 1920, Antwerp 1912, Stockholm 1900, Paris

1924 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
WIGHTMAN, Hazel VirginiaUnited States Gold
WILLIAMS, Richard Norris IIIUnited States Gold
JESSUP, MarionUnited States Silver
RICHARDS, VincentUnited States Silver
BOUMAN, CorneliaNetherlands Bronze
TIMMER, HendrikNetherlands Bronze

1920 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
LENGLEN, SuzanneFrance Gold
DECUGIS, MaxFrance Gold
MCKANE, KathleenUnited Kingdom Silver
WOOSNAM, MaxwellUnited Kingdom Silver
SKRBKOVA, MiladaInternational Competitor Bronze
ZEMLA, LadislavInternational Competitor Bronze

1912 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
KÖRING, DoraGermany Gold
SCHOMBURGK, HeinrichGermany Gold
FICK, SigridSweden Silver
SETTERWALL, GunnarSweden Silver
BROQUEDIS, MargueriteFrance Bronze
CANET, Albert HenriFrance Bronze

1900 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
COOPER, CharlotteUnited Kingdom Gold
DOHERTY, Reginald FrankUnited Kingdom Gold
PREVOST, HélèneInternational Competitor Silver
MAHONY, Harold SergersonInternational Competitor Silver
ROSENBAUM, HedwigInternational Competitor Bronze
WARDEN, Archibald A.International Competitor Bronze
JONES, MarionInternational Competitor Bronze
DOHERTY, Hugh LawrenceInternational Competitor Bronze