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The Results for Argentina in 1924

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - triple jump Men Boxing - + 79.38kg (heavyweight) Men Boxing - 53.52 - 57.15kg (featherweight) Men Boxing - 57.15 - 61.24kg (lightweight) Men Boxing - 61.24 - 66.68kg (welterweight) Men
Polo - polo Men

1924: Athletics - triple jump Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WINTER, Anthony William Australia Gold
BRUNETO, Luis Argentina Silver
TUULOS, Vilho Immanuel Finland Bronze

1924: Boxing - + 79.38kg (heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VON PORAT, Otto Norway Gold
PETERSEN, Sören Denmark Silver
PORZIO, Alfredo Argentina Bronze

1924: Boxing - 53.52 - 57.15kg (featherweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FIELDS, John United States Gold
SALAS, Joseph United States Silver
QUARTUCCI, Pedro Argentina Bronze

1924: Boxing - 57.15 - 61.24kg (lightweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
NIELSEN, Hans Jacob Denmark Gold
COPELLO, Alfredo Argentina Silver
BOYLSTEIN, Frederick United States Bronze

1924: Boxing - 61.24 - 66.68kg (welterweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DELARGE, Jean Belgium Gold
MENDEZ, Hector Argentina Silver
LEWIS, Douglas Canada Bronze

1924: Polo - polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KENNY, Arturo Argentina Gold
MILES, Juan Argentina Gold
NAYLOR, Guillermo Argentina Gold
NELSON, Juan Argentina Gold
PADILLA, Enrique Argentina Gold
PENA, A. Argentina Gold
BOESCKE, Elmer United States Silver
HITCHCOCK, Thomas United States Silver
MOORE, G. United States Silver
ROE, Frederick United States Silver
WANAMAKER, Rodman United States Silver
BARRETT, Frederick Whitfield United Kingdom Bronze
BINGHAM, Dennis United Kingdom Bronze
GUEST, Fred United Kingdom Bronze
WISE, Kinnear United Kingdom Bronze
LANNOWE, M. United Kingdom Bronze