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The Results for Argentina in 1936

Olympiad Medal Results

Boxing - + 79.38kg (heavyweight) Men Boxing - 54 - 57.15kg (featherweight) Men Boxing - 66.68 - 72.57kg (middleweight) Men Boxing - 72.57 - 79.38kg (light-heavyweight) Men Polo - polo Men
Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men Swimming - 100m freestyle Women

1936: Boxing - + 79.38kg (heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
RUNGE, Herbert Germany Gold
LOVELL, Jose Guillermo Argentina Silver
NILSEN, Erling Norway Bronze

1936: Boxing - 54 - 57.15kg (featherweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CASANOVAS, Oscar Argentina Gold
CATTERALL, Charles South Africa, Republic of Silver
MINER, Josef Germany Bronze

1936: Boxing - 66.68 - 72.57kg (middleweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DESPEAUX, Jean France Gold
TILLER, Henry Norway Silver
VILLAREAL, Raul Vicente Argentina Bronze

1936: Boxing - 72.57 - 79.38kg (light-heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MICHELOT, Roger France Gold
VOGT, Richard Germany Silver
RISIGLIONE, Francisco Argentina Bronze

1936: Polo - polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DUGGAN, Luis J. Argentina Gold
CAVANAGH, Roberto Argentina Gold
GAZZOTTI, Andres Argentina Gold
ANDRADA, Manuel Argentina Gold
FOWLER, Bryan John United Kingdom Silver
HINDE, William Norris United Kingdom Silver
DAWNAY, David United Kingdom Silver
GUINNESS, Humphrey Patrick United Kingdom Silver
GRACIA ZAZUETA, Juan Mexico Bronze
NAVA CASTILLO, Antonio Mexico Bronze
MULLER LUJAN, Julio Mexico Bronze
RAMOS SESMA, Alberto Mexico Bronze

1936: Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
EICHHORN, Willi Germany Gold
STRAUSS, Hugo Germany Gold
OLSEN, Peter Richard Denmark Silver
LARSEN, Harry Julius Denmark Silver
PODESTA, Horacio Argentina Bronze
CURATELLA, Julio Pedro Argentina Bronze

1936: Swimming - 100m freestyle Women

Athlete Nation Medal
MASTENBROEK, Hendrika Netherlands Gold
CAMPBELL, Jeanette Morven Argentina Silver
ARENDT-JACOBS, Gisela Germany Bronze