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The Results for Argentina in 1948

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - long jump Women Athletics - marathon Men Boxing - + 80kg (heavyweight) Men Boxing - - 51kg (flyweight) Men Boxing - 73 - 80kg (light-heavyweight) Men
Sailing - 6m Mixed Shooting - 25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots) Men

1948: Athletics - long jump Women

Athlete Nation Medal
GYARMATI, Olga Hungary Gold
SIMONETTO DE PORTELA, Noemi Argentina Silver
LEYMAN, Ann-Britt Sweden Bronze

1948: Athletics - marathon Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CABRERA, Delfo Argentina Gold
RICHARDS, Thomas John Henry United Kingdom Silver
GAILLY, Etienne Belgium Bronze

1948: Boxing - + 80kg (heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
IGLESIAS, Rafael Argentina Gold
NILSSON, Gunnar Sweden Silver
ARTHUR, John South Africa, Republic of Bronze

1948: Boxing - - 51kg (flyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PEREZ, Pascual Nicolas Argentina Gold
BANDINELLI, Spartaco Italy Silver
HAN, Soo-An Korea, Republic of Bronze

1948: Boxing - 73 - 80kg (light-heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HUNTER, George South Africa, Republic of Gold
SCOTT, Donald E. United Kingdom Silver
CIA, Mauro Argentina Bronze

1948: Sailing - 6m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
WHITON, Herman Frasch United States Gold
LOOMIS, Alfred Lee Jr. United States Gold
WEEKES, James Higgonson United States Gold
SMITH, James Hopkins Jr. United States Gold
MOONEY, Michael Macdonald United States Gold
SIEBURGER SR., Enrique Conrado Argentina Silver
HOMP, Emilio C. Argentina Silver
RODRIGUEZ DE LA TORRE, Rufino Argentina Silver
RIVADEMAR, Rodolfo Argentina Silver
SIEBURGER JR., Enrique Conrado Argentina Silver
SIEBURGER, Julio Christian Argentina Silver
HOLM, Tore Sweden Bronze
LORD, Torsten Sweden Bronze
HINDORFF, Martin Sweden Bronze
AMELN, Carl-Robert Sweden Bronze
SALEN, Gösta Sweden Bronze

1948: Shooting - 25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
TAKACS, Karoly Hungary Gold
DIAZ SAENZ VALIENTE, Carlos Enrique Argentina Silver
LUNDQUIST, Sven Sweden Bronze