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The Results for Argentina in 1996

Olympiad Medal Results

Boxing - 54 - 57kg (featherweight) Men Football - football Men Sailing - board (Mistral) Men

1996: Boxing - 54 - 57kg (featherweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KAMSING, Somluck Thailand Gold
TODOROV, Serafim Bulgaria Silver
MAYWEATHER, Floyd United States Bronze
CHACON, Pablo Argentina Bronze

1996: Football - football Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BABAYARO, Emmanuel Nigeria Gold
BABAYARO, Celestine Nigeria Gold
WEST, Taribo Nigeria Gold
KANU, Nwankwo Nigeria Gold
UCHE, Okechukwu Nigeria Gold
AMUNIKE, Emmanuel Nigeria Gold
BABANGIDA, Tijani Nigeria Gold
ORUMA, Wilson Nigeria Gold
FATUSI, Teslim Nigeria Gold
OKOCHA, Augustine Nigeria Gold
IKPEBA, Victor Nigeria Gold
OBAFEMI, Abiodon Nigeria Gold
LAWAL, Garba Nigeria Gold
AMOKACHI, Daniel Nigeria Gold
OLISEH, Sunday Nigeria Gold
OBIEKWU, Kingsley Nigeria Gold
OBARAKU, Mobi Nigeria Gold
DOSU, Joseph Nigeria Gold
BOSSIO, Carlos Argentina Silver
AYALA, Roberto Argentina Silver
CHAMOT, Jose Antonio Argentina Silver
ZANETTI, Javier Argentina Silver
ALMEYDA, Matias Argentina Silver
SENSINI, Roberto Argentina Silver
LOPEZ, Claudio Argentina Silver
SIMEONE, Diego Argentina Silver
CRESPO, Hernan Argentina Silver
ORTEGA, Ariel Argentina Silver
MORALES, Hugo Argentina Silver
CAVALLERO, Pablo Argentina Silver
PINEDA, Hector Argentina Silver
PAZ, Pablo Argentina Silver
BASSEDAS, Christian Argentina Silver
LOPEZ, Gustavo Argentina Silver
DELGADO, Marcelo Argentina Silver
GALLARDO, Marcelo Argentina Silver
DIDA, Brazil Bronze
ZE MARIA, Brazil Bronze
ALDAIR, Brazil Bronze
RONALDO, Brazil Bronze
BEBETO, Jose Roberto Brazil Bronze
AMARAL, Brazil Bronze
JUNINHO, Brazil Bronze
RIVALDO, Brazil Bronze
SAVIO, Brazil Bronze
DANRLEI, Brazil Bronze
NARCISO, Brazil Bronze
ANDRE LUIZ, Brazil Bronze
ZE ELIAS, Brazil Bronze
LUIZAO, Brazil Bronze
RONALDINHO, Brazil Bronze

1996: Sailing - board (Mistral) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KAKLAMANAKIS, Nikolaos Greece Gold
ESPINOLA, Carlos Argentina Silver
FRIDMAN, Gal Israel Bronze