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The Results for Argentina in 2000

Olympiad Medal Results

Hockey - hockey Women Sailing - 470 - Two Person Dinghy Men Sailing - board (Mistral) Men Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Europe) Women

2000: Hockey - hockey Women

Athlete Nation Medal
HAWKES, Rechelle Australia Gold
ANNAN, Alyson Australia Gold
HASLAM, Juliet Australia Gold
MAITLAND, Clover Australia Gold
MORRIS, Jenny Australia Gold
STARRE, Katie Australia Gold
ALLEN, Katie Australia Gold
CARRUTHERS, Lisa Australia Gold
FARRELL, Renita Australia Gold
HUDSON, Nicole Australia Gold
IMISON, Rachel Australia Gold
MITCHELL-TAVERNER, Claire Australia Gold
PEEK, Alison Louise Australia Gold
POWELL, Katrina Australia Gold
SKIRVING, Angie Australia Gold
TOWERS, Julie Australia Gold
AICEGA, Magdalena Argentina Silver
ANTONISKA, Mariela Argentina Silver
ARRONDO, Ines Argentina Silver
AYMAR, Luciana Argentina Silver
FERRARI, Maria Paz Argentina Silver
GAMBERO, Ana Argentina Silver
GARCIA, Agustina Argentina Silver
HERNANDEZ, Maria de la Paz Argentina Silver
MAIZTEGUI, Laura Argentina Silver
MARGALOT, Mercedes Argentina Silver
MASOTTA, Paula Karina Argentina Silver
ONETO, Vanina Paula Argentina Silver
RIMOLDI PUIG, Jorgelina Argentina Silver
ROGNONI, Maria Cecilia Argentina Silver
STEPNIK, Ayelen Iara Argentina Silver
VUKOJICIC, Paola Argentina Silver
THATE, Carole Netherlands Bronze
VAN DER WIELEN, Suzan Netherlands Bronze
BOOIJ, Minke Netherlands Bronze
BOOMGAARDT, Ageeth Netherlands Bronze
DEITERS, Julie Netherlands Bronze
DONNERS, Wilhelmina Netherlands Bronze
MOREIRA DE MELO, Fatima Netherlands Bronze
SINNIGE, Clarinda Netherlands Bronze
SMABERS, Minke Netherlands Bronze
SMABERS, Hanneke Netherlands Bronze
TEEUWEN, Josepha Netherlands Bronze
TOUW, Daphne Netherlands Bronze
VEENSTRA, Myrna Netherlands Bronze
VAN DE KIEFT, Fleur Netherlands Bronze
VAN DEN BOOGAARD, Dillianne Netherlands Bronze
VAN DER VAART, Macha Netherlands Bronze

2000: Sailing - 470 - Two Person Dinghy Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KING, Tom Australia Gold
TURNBULL, Mark Australia Gold
FOERSTER, Paul United States Silver
MERRICK, Robert United States Silver
CONTE, Javier Argentina Bronze
DE LA FUENTE, Juan Argentina Bronze

2000: Sailing - board (Mistral) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SIEBER, Christoph Austria Gold
ESPINOLA, Carlos Argentina Silver
MCINTOSH, Aaron New Zealand Bronze

2000: Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Europe) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
ROBERTSON, Shirley United Kingdom Gold
MATTHIJSSE, Margriet Netherlands Silver
AMATO, Serena Argentina Bronze