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The Results for Australia in 1932

Olympiad Medal Results

Cycling Track - 1km time trial Men Rowing - single sculls (1x) Men Swimming - 100m backstroke Women Swimming - 200m breaststroke Women Wrestling Freestyle - 79 - 87kg (light-heavyweight) Men

1932: Cycling Track - 1km time trial Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GRAY, Edgar Laurence Australia Gold
VAN EGMOND, Jacobus Johannes Netherlands Silver
RAMPELBERG, Charles France Bronze

1932: Rowing - single sculls (1x) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PEARCE, Henry Robert Australia Gold
MILLER, William G. United States Silver
DOUGLAS, Guillermo Uruguay Bronze

1932: Swimming - 100m backstroke Women

Athlete Nation Medal
HOLM, Eleanor United States Gold
MEALING, Philomenia Alecia Australia Silver
DAVIES, Elizabeth Valerie United Kingdom Bronze

1932: Swimming - 200m breaststroke Women

Athlete Nation Medal
DENNIS, Clare Australia Gold
MAEHATA, Hideko Japan Silver
JACOBSEN, Else Agnes Ella Denmark Bronze

1932: Wrestling Freestyle - 79 - 87kg (light-heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MEHRINGER, Peter Joseph United States Gold
SJÖSTEDT, Thure Sweden Silver
SCARF, Richard Edward Australia Bronze