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The Results for Austria in 1928

Olympiad Medal Results

Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men Weightlifting - - 60kg, total (featherweight) Men Weightlifting - 60 - 67.5kg, total (lightweight) Men Figure skating - individual Men Figure skating - individual Women
Figure skating - pairs Mixed

1928: Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
COSTELLO, Paul Vincent United States Gold
MCILVAINE, Charles Joseph United States Gold
WRIGHT JR., Joseph William Canada Silver
GUEST, John Schofield Canada Silver
LOSERT, Leo Austria Bronze
FLESSL, Viktor Austria Bronze

1928: Weightlifting - - 60kg, total (featherweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ANDRYSEK, Franz Joseph Austria Gold
GABETTI, Pierino Italy Silver
WÖLPERT, Hans Germany Bronze

1928: Weightlifting - 60 - 67.5kg, total (lightweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HELBIG, Kurt Germany Gold
HAAS, Hans Austria Gold
ARNOUT, Fernand France Bronze

1928: Figure skating - individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GRAFSTRÖM, Gillis Sweden Gold
BÖCKL, Willy Austria Silver
VAN ZEEBROECK, Robert Belgium Bronze

1928: Figure skating - individual Women

Athlete Nation Medal
HENIE, Sonja Norway Gold
BURGER, Fritzi Austria Silver
LOUGHRAN, Beatrix United States Bronze

1928: Figure skating - pairs Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
BRUNET, Andrée France Gold
BRUNET, Pierre France Gold
SCHOLZ, Lilly Austria Silver
KAISER, Otto Austria Silver
BRUNNER, Melitta Austria Bronze
WREDE, Ludwig Austria Bronze