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The Results for Bahamas in 1996

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 4x100m relay Women

1996: Athletics - 4x100m relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
GAINES, Chryste United States Gold
DEVERS, Gail United States Gold
MILLER, Inger United States Gold
TORRENCE, Gwen United States Gold
GUIDRY-WHITE, Carlette D. United States Gold
FERGUSON-MCKENZIE, Debbie Bahamas Silver
CLARKE, Eldece Bahamas Silver
STURRUP, Chandra Bahamas Silver
FYNES, Sevatheda Bahamas Silver
DAVIS, Pauline Elaine Bahamas Silver
FREEMAN, Michele Jamaica Bronze
CUTHBERT, Juliet Jamaica Bronze
MITCHELL, Nikole Jamaica Bronze
OTTEY-PAGE, Merlene Jamaica Bronze
RUSSELL, Gillian Claire Jamaica Bronze
LLOYD, Andrea Jamaica Bronze