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The Results for Belgium in 1984

Olympiad Medal Results

Cycling Track - Points Race Men Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men Rowing - single sculls (1x) Women Swimming - 200m breaststroke Women

1984: Cycling Track - Points Race Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ILEGEMS, Roger Belgium Gold
MESSERSCHMIDT, Uwe West Germany Silver
YOUSHIMATZ, Jose Manuel Mexico Bronze

1984: Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LEWIS, Bradley Alan United States Gold
ENQUIST, Paul N. United States Gold
DELOOF, Pierre Marie Belgium Silver
CROIS, Dirk Belgium Silver
PANCIC, Zoran Yugoslavia Bronze
STANULOV, Milorad Yugoslavia Bronze

1984: Rowing - single sculls (1x) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
ROSCA-RASILA, Valeria Romania Gold
GEER, Charlotte Mosher United States Silver
HAESEBROUCK, Ann Belgium Bronze

1984: Swimming - 200m breaststroke Women

Athlete Nation Medal
OTTENBRITE, Anne Canada Gold
RAPP, Susan Gerard United States Silver
LEMPEREUR, Ingrid Belgium Bronze